Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Insanity is a hallmark of my tribe

Sorry for completely missing yesterday, folks. This is storm season in Florida, and when that combines with my allergies it equals sinuses that don't equalize, meaning that every time a pressure front comes in or goes out I get terrible headaches deep within my skull. Yesterday's was particularly nasty: it woke me up (always an auspicious start), wouldn't budge no matter how much Advil I threw at it, and lasted for 12+ hours -- most of which were spent in bed as I tried to sleep away the pain.

You know you are a frequent headache sufferer when you read an article on trepanation and think, "Yes, drilling a hole in my head to relieve painful pressure DOES seem like a good idea right now, thank you."

Anyway, on to lighter fare.  This exchange happened on our sooper-seekrit BCP chat channel and it seemed too good not to share with everyone:

(We were talking about approving new members and how we haven't had to boot anyone)
Chaplain Tim: Pretty tame bunch that's willing to sit around and watch us work.
David Blackard: Hahahaha! maybe if we had someone in the group who was good at getting various and sundry folk excited, it would be more lively!!!
Me: (starting trouble as I am wont to do) Well, I suppose I could be FLAGRANTLY out and queer... would that help?
"Prepping and Preening: Which combat boots are best for flouncing off dramatically?"
"Post-apocalypse Pedicures!"
"Bartering after SHTF: How many .22LR cartridges to the blowjob?"
(Then everyone else started to join in)
Lokidude: "Which camo pattern gives the best curves?"
David: "Limp-wristing your pistol: Which caliber is best?"
Tim: "Why you shouldn't use KY to lube your firearms"
There were even some contributions from BCP group members once I posted this conversation: 
Steven:  Glitter - awesome accessory, and how it can ruin your stealth movement ....
Travis: Does my Glock need a butt plug?
Travis won the internet with that comment.

(DOES your Glock need a butt plug?  I've no idea. But I plugged mine early on with one of these and haven't regretted it. The dust and grime stay out, and it forms a graceful curve with the Pearce Grip magazine floorplate.)

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