Sunday, July 13, 2014

SHTFriday: Hurricane Preparedness, part 1

Oy vey. That's twice in a row I've forgotten to post SHTFriday links on an actual Friday.  I can't find my ass with both hands and a flashlight these days....

Friday's installment is me talking about hurricane preparedness -- specifically evacuation (next week is about digging in). I may have missed some things as I have not had to evacuate, but since two of my other writers live in California, a third in Utah, and the fourth is somewhere in the midwest, I'm the only one with any hurricane experience whatsoever.

Then on Saturday, everyone at BCP decided to unanimously endorse MZW's Bail-Out Bag. Now, to
forestall the inevitable:

Yes, of course you can assemble your own bag for less money. But sometimes you don't have the time to hunt down all the pieces. Maybe you want a ready-made backup for your car, or perhaps you want your SO who doesn't share your prepping passion to have a kit. Buy this, give it to them, bang, they're set.

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