Thursday, March 5, 2015

I'm Done With Tim Schafer.

This'll be a short one this week. I'm a bit under the weather and a bit fuming to put thoughts together properly, but I've got something I want to get off my chest.

Tim Schafer's a game developer that's quite popular amongst a lot of gamers. He's worked on some of the most beloved titles ever. Psychonauts is probably my 6th or 7th favorite game ever. I never finished Grim Fandango because I can't follow classic point and click adventure game logic, but it was pretty entertaining nonetheless. I even kinda like Brutal Legend despite my hatred of Jack Black. But Tim's had some problems in recent years. Had an early access game on Steam called Spacebase DF-9 that was never finished. Broken Age, despite raising 3.3 Million against its original $400k goal, apparently needs more money to be finished, releasing "part 1" as a way to fund "part 2." Add to that his tendency to be a complete jackass on Twitter and his affiliation with some people that come off as pretty despicable, and he's sort of been pushing his fanbase away for a while.

But last night, at the GDC Awards, he took a moment to not only completely shit on his fanbase, but say some things that come off as pretty racist and misogynistic, even in the opinion of someone who makes it a point not to throw around those terms as casually and carelessly as most.

The #NotYourShield hashtag, by the way, was women and/or minority gamers that supported GamerGate and were trying to buck the media narrative that they were all sockpuppets of white dudes. And here's a white neckbearded dude, allegedly on the side of 'truth and justice', dismissing the existence of and talking over women and minority gamers. On stage. At a professional awards show. Time and a place, you jackass. You want to be an asshole on twitter, go ahead. But seriously, Tim. Stop shitting up the industry. Maybe it's time you retired.

These are the people you're shitting on, Tim. They're real. And I'm so done with with you, with Double Fine, that I'm now off to delete the Steam backup folder that has Psychonauts in it.

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