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Traveller Tuesday: Kami-Kasi

This fellow was originally just a pilot sent up from the Ducal household to fly a ship down when one of the PCs requested a "combat drop". I chortled wickedly, and thus an NPC was born...
My use of Traveller setting and dress falls under
fair use guidelines for both Mongoose and Far Future Enterprises.
Kasimir Jeannot Rothbauer was born on Jewell in 1060. He nurtured a passion for flying, and on a high-tech world where speeders and air/rafts were as common as ground cars, he was soon flying by the time most kids knew how to drive. He tried to join the Naval flight college, but his grades weren't good enough. Undeterred, he enlisted in the Navy in 1078 and was assigned to the Baumlaibair, a Ghalalk-class Heavy Cruiser.
In 1082 the Fourth Frontier War broke out, and a surprise attack by the Zhodani on the Jewell system destroyed the Baumlaibair and left many of the crew unable to escape its rapidly disintegrating hulk. Using his rudimentary flight skills, Spacehand Rothbauer was able to pilot a troop transport laden with survivors to safety, and then coordinated the rescue of others that were floating in vacc suits or survival balls. For his actions he was promoted to Ensign and awarded the Combat Command Ribbon and Meritorious Conduct Under Fire. 
Having demonstrated initiative and pilot skills, Ens. Rothbauer was tapped for Special Operations where he flew marine dropships under enemy fire. Due to his fearless nature and the speed at which he piloted his landing craft, he was awarded the call sign "Kamikaze" (a play on "Kasi," the diminutive of Kasimir). 

During a combat landing on Farreach, Rothbauer's dropship was hit by enemy fire and was forced to crash land. There were no fatalities due to Rothbauer's piloting, but he and others were seriously wounded. He was extensively rebuilt by the Navy, which did not wish to lose a war hero, However, the war was over by the time he returned to active duty, and so his squadron was put into reserve duty for the post-war drawdown. 
Now a Lieutenant, Rothbauer pushed to have his unit reactivated by engaging in aerobatics with transport craft. While his officers did not approve, the public delighted in the spectacle of large dropships moving in intricate choreography. Rothbauer was given command of his own squadron, the Flying Diamonds, which performed in airshows across the Jewell Cluster. This brought him much public acclaim -- he was the subject of multiple TV shows -- but it also earned him the enmity of his commanding officer. 

Promoted to O5, Cmdr. Rothbauer was given command of the entire group. As a result of daring decisions, jettisoning deadweight, and a "lead from the front" attitude, the 86th Jewell Combat Transport Group achieved its highest levels of efficiency and was returned to active status. Unfortunately, his commanding officer has been promoted ahead of him, and was able to steal credit for the reorganization. Disgusted by the politicking inherent in the higher levels of the officer corps, Rothbauer mustered out for the private sector after 24 years of service.

He was immediately approached by agents of the Ducal household, who were eager to recruit a photogenic war hero to be the Duke's private pilot. Promised the ability to fly expensive craft at the best of his ability for ridiculous wages, luxurious accommodations and -- best of all -- no politics, Kasimir Rothbauer became the chief pilot for the Duke and Duchess of Jewell. 

Kasimir Jeannot Rothbauer (Commander, Jewell Sector Fleet [ret.], MCUF) 7D888A

Notable skills: Pilot/6 (Small Craft), Pilot/6 (Starships), Pilot/4 (Capital Ships), Admin/2, Leadership/2, Tactics/2 (Naval), Battle Dress/1, all other relevant skills at 1

Equipment: Officer's sword (Monofilament), Advanced laser carbine with power pack, scout battledress optimized for vacuum operations (extended life support and grav belt).

Personal Augments: [Classified under Ducal seal]

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