Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Star Wars Anime

The Star Wars franchise has basically been dead to me since George Lucas' runaway goiter* took control of his mind and directed him to make the fractally execrable** prequel trilogy

But this?  This is cool. The Empire always did have the coolest uniforms and equipment.

Like Andew Eldritch said: "I think the great lesson of the 20th century is that you have to separate the ethics from the aesthetics. The Nazis did have the best uniforms, there's no denying it."

More information about the characters can be found in this PDF by the creator. Example: the Star Destroyer captain "is a big fan of fruit, and always offers fruit to underlings during briefings."  I find this oddly hilarious.

* Look, judge for yourself:

** Not merely execrable, but execrable on every scale, with pockets of small execrableness concealed within larger execrable masses; execrable from any analytical viewpoint, self-similarly execrable.

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