Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Traveller Tuesday: So, how much life support for a planet?

Yes, I'm phoning it in today.
My use of Traveller setting and dress falls under 
fair use guidelines for both Mongoose and Far Future Enterprises.
There's a really cool article over at Sploid that shows the proportion of water and air to rock on this starship we call earth:

Per the article: The density of the air pictured here corresponds to its density at sea level (one atmosphere.)

Want to know how much of that water is fresh? An older article from Gizmodo answers that handily:

Kind of humbling, isn't it?

And finally, to keep this from being a TOTAL phone-in, I present something I teased you with last week: the Khoghue Armed Junker version of the Sgt. Major's Daughter.

 Appropriately enough, I've called it Sgt. Major's Vargr

More art by Ian Stead

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