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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Just wondering

Does anyone find it odd that, five years ago, my blog was about comic books and Discordianism and goth, and now it's about My Little Pony and role-playing games and guns?

I mean, I never said my blog was about anything other than whatever insanity extruded from my brain-meats, so I am curious how many folks feel that Lurking Rhythmically are disappointed that this blog has changed direction vs. how many folks feel that it never had any direction to begin with and therefore whatever I write is cool, or at least interesting in a train wreck kind of way.

Just curious, is all...


  1. RPGs are why I'm here. The only reason I even know about your blog is because Talysman discussed on his blog something you wrote here. So I'm not at all disappointed that your blog has changed direction.

    (I like guns, too, but wouldn't have found your blog through guns because I don't follow any other gun blogs.)

  2. I discovered your blog through the RPG content, but I read the gun posts too, though I'm only an enthusiast academically.

  3. I actually discovered you blog because of the discordian content, however, you are free to do any type of blog you like, and I find yours very interesting.
    Mostly because your opinions, while I may not agree with all of them, are interesting, so, yeah, keep up the good posts!

  4. Blogs are supposed to have a direction? Guess I'd better turn in my blogosphere membership card.

  5. Write what you want.  People will read it or not.  
    And piss on those who would tell you what to write.  

  6. Yeah, see, the thing is...  after a while I felt like I was forcing myself to write Discordian stuff. And there's nothing more Grayface than trying to force chaos to perform on command.

    I just figured that my natural tendency to jape and frolic through whimsical blogging would be enough to satisfy Eris fnord.

  7. Interests shift.  If you didn't write what you'd like you wouldn't still be stuffing the blog-hole lo these five years.

    Discordianism?  Heh Pony connection there.

    Also I know a Discordian Pope in Ohio.

  8. Technically, aren't ALL Discordians their own Popes?

  9. Yup!  He liked to endow sainthood upon people. Though he mostly would just write on a napkin to make if official.

  10.  Heck, I started reading when you were doing My Little Pony so to me there has been no change at all.

    BTW, I like the way your RPG world is developing (or developed).  I am wondering about the combat system since I love the crit system of RoleMaster but must admit that it is a little clunky.

  11. Pellatarrum is designed to be as system-independent as possible. When I must talk mechanics, I default to Pathfinder, but it should be easily portable to any other fantasy system.

    In other words, I suuuuck at making mechanics and excel at background and fluff. Since there is already a highly popular fantasy game, instead of making another wheel or engine I decided to concentrate on the fancy chrome and streamlining and upholstery.

  12. I came here for the roleplaying, and stayed because there aren't many other roleplayers who are goth-ish, but who also don't default to That Game: With The Vampires And Whatnot. The guns and undercurrent of Discordia are just bonuses. The Ponies are… well, I've become MLP-friendly largely due to your efforts.

  13. I, too, have found the MLP stuff interesting despite myself.

  14. I remember your posts were more ranty and a bit more eclectic when I first started reading but as it's followed your interests, and you tend to be quite engaging about the things that interest you, the blog has maintained its integrity :-)


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