Thursday, December 1, 2016

December is Upon Us

It's Dec 1st and I'm already sick of Christmas.

I realize no one wants to hear my complaining, so I'll keep this short by saying that this is the time of year that's hardest on me, due to a combination of stress and Thou shalt have Christmas Spirit or Else from my family and generally not having enough time to myself or quiet in which to think. So of my readers I ask the following:

  1. Please be understanding as I try to get through what is, for me, an overstimulated high-pressure hell. 
  2. Please be patient with me when I vent or otherwise write things you don't want to read.
  3. Please don't think I've given up on the blog if I just disappear for days at a time. Next February is Lurking Rhythmically's 10-year anniversary, and I'm not going to miss that for anything. 
Thank you all for your continued readership. I'm going to try like mad to bring you quality nerdy content, but some days that may not be possible. 

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