Monday, September 26, 2022

Erin on Handgun Radio & at GRPC

Seriously y'all, I'm trying my best to write at least two posts a week, but 2022 is kicking my butt the way 2020 kicked most of yours.

That said, I did manage to accomplish something: I appeared on this week's episode of Handgun Radio!

As you would expect, I don't talk about firearms, but rather the Pink Pistols and Operation Blazing Sword. I wasn't sure what the dynamic would be, because on one hand I know Weer'd Beard likes to be be abused (which is why I abuse him on ACP) but on the other hand I wanted to be a good guest and respectful of the show. I asked Weer'd about it and he just said "The ACP Erin is best Erin". As it turns out, I needn't have worried. Ryan and Weer'd bust each others' chops like two fraternity brothers, and I had a great time. 

In somewhat related news, I'm going to be speaking -- I think -- at the 37th Gun Rights Policy Conference in Dallas, TX next weekend. 

I say "I think" for two reasons:
  1. I've been invited to speak, but the conference is in less than a week and I still don't know what day or time I'm speaking and what my topic and panel will be. Given that the agenda hasn't been published, I can't know with 100% certainty that I'm speaking until I have that information. 
  2. I'm within the Cone of Uncertainty for Hurricane Ian (currently a Tropical Storm, but it's projected to be at least a Category 1 when it makes landfall later this week. While it's fortunate for me that Ian is coming via the Gulf of Mexico and will hit the west coast of Florida first, and it's likely to expend its force there, the severe winds and rains might cause my flight to be canceled. Or the whole state might lose power. Or it might speed up to a Cat 5 and tear a path of destruction from coast to coast. 
So hopefully I will be in Dallas this weekend for GRPC, but right now it's still up in the air. 

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