Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Update on Hurricane Ian

The news said we weren't supposed to have rain at 7pm. 

However, the rain actually started in the early afternoon and hasn't stopped. By 6:30 the wind was whistling ominously and the trees were making like inflatable men outside of car dealerships. 

The news also says that we aren't supposed to experience Tropical Storm level wind and rain until tomorrow. I'll just be over here, holding my breath. /sarcasm

To be clear, I'm not worried. More like "This storm is probably going to be longer and nastier than predicted." Hurricanes are tricky buggers, and as hard as predicting the weather is, predicting hurricanes can be harder because of all the complicated systems involved. 

While I don't expect Ian to veer north and hit me, it might go further south and pick up warm water from the Everglades, which could keep it from losing strength. Or it might stall out over central Florida and make like Mother Nature's own floor polisher. Or it could spawn a bunch of nasty tornadoes and/or start fires with lightning strikes. Or any combination of the above. 

Worried? No. Concerned? Sure. I'd be a fool if I weren't. But so far, we're safe and have power and internet and are dry, and that's all we can ask for. 

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