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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

RAC: Recruitment

This just in!

You will not hear of this anywhere else! This is an exclusive scoop!

Quantum Mechanix, whom I have completely infiltrated with my Radion Accelerator Corps, has apparently decided the best way to shut me up.... is to hire me!

Yes, you read that correctly! I am now working on a writing assignment for QMx!

Not a dream! Not a hoax! This is real!

More details, of course, as I am allowed to release them. (I can't [yet] talk about what I'm working on.)

Of course, nothing is stopping me from talking about things I am not working on, and now that I, the leader of the RAC, am firmly ensconced within their power structure...

... no secrets shall be hidden from me!

*cue ominous thunder*



That is all.


ikustosu said...


Cressa said...

way to go!!!

sean witzke said...


Allura-Mike said...

Woohoo! WTG PalPal! =)

Leech said...

If I wasn't poor, I would send you congratulatory cheesecake.

Maybe in a week or two :P

Stumpy said...

WAY COOL! Congratulations!!!

Does this mean I could get promoted from substitute stalker, to full time lackey?!?

Michael said...

Excellent news.

Congrats, tinged with jealousy.

Johnny Velocity said...

Big gratz!

Jeff said...

Belated congratulations!

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