Saturday, July 28, 2007

10 Morgan Freeman Facts

1. The 1989 movie for which Morgan Freeman received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor was originally called Driving Miss Daisy Wild With Desire. Many scenes were cut from the final version of the film.

2. He was originally Shepherd Book in 2002's Firefly, but when the awesomeness of Joss Whedon's scripts combined with Freeman's pimpdaddy-ness, all of the women on set become pregnant.

3. Morgan Freeman literally laughed out loud when he attended the premiere of What Women Want. When he left the theater, every woman in the audience followed him.

4. His character in Batman Begins was originally named "Luscious Fox."

5. He can make women swoon by just scratching his ear.

6. Men too, apparently. Read the comments for the above video!
  • One debonaire motherfucker. That man could tell me I had cancer, and I would immediately spring an erection.
  • Morgan Freeman is not merely the official Voice of Gravitas (tm), he is the pope of all Generation X.
  • I would take a bullet for this guy.
7. Since Morgan Freeman is already God's Gift to Women, it was easy enough for him to play God in Bruce Almighty. He just pretended that he was God's Gift to men, too, and everyone started worshiping him.

8. You aren't gay if you say you'd have sex with Morgan Freeman. It's just the natural order of things.

9. He can sing about the hard and soft sounds of the letter C and turn it into musical foreplay.

10. Morgan Freeman is Samuel L. Jackson's father.


  1. Huh.
    Was Freeman a factor in Firefly's tragic cancellation?

  2. Freeman gave me a hard C if you know what I'm sayin'.

  3. We should start a Morgan Freeman meme, much in the vein of Jack Bauer or Chuck Norris's "facts."

    "When Morgan Freeman's people were being oppressed, instead of demanding the pharoah let them go, he dropkicked him off of a pyramid."

    Also, for the record, hamsqmy is the worst verification I've ever had to type.

  4. "Should start"? I've already started it, boychick. Whether or not you pick it up is up to you.

    However, I would ask that we keep it in the vein of Morgan Freeman being sexy/suave/chick magnet/etc, rather than the already played-out badass mo'fo meme.


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