Friday, July 27, 2007

Whatever happened to Omnicron?

No doubt millions thousands hundreds dozens of my loyal readers have, over lo these many months, been asking themselves, "Palette, whither Omnicon?" The answer, I am proud to announce, is thither.

Specifically, Thursdays at 9 PM, on the Sci-Fi channel. Yes, my boy Omnicron made it into the show, even though for copyright/ trademark issues he had to change his name to Mindset. I actually think this is a trade up for him; Greek words don't exactly roll off of most people's tongues these days and it's not a good indication of who he, his powers, or his personality are; Mindset, however, is, and it's snappy to boot.

Speaking of snappy.... Sweet Buttery Eris, he has some wonderful one-liners. No, I shan't spoil them if you haven't seen the episode yet (in which case, hie thee unto to watch it now), but I do have to say one thing: when all the other heroes are flabbergasted, he always seems to have a snappy comeback. Nothing like sassing the villain in the very first episode! Of course, he's a City of Heroes player, so I would expect him to act appropriately.

Interestingly enough, the Defuser is also a CoH'er, and I was impressed by his take-charge attitude and focus on teamwork. These are my two "hometown boys" and I'll root for them both. I also like Hyperstrike (who is almost a Naruto caricature come to life) and Basura (because junk powers are kinda cool, and I like that she's an artist like me). The rest of the cast I'm rather "meh" about, and the less said about Token, the Hebrew Wonder, the better. Oy gevalt, what a meshuggener!

I look forward to seeing how "my boys" do in this series. Go, Mindset! Go, Defuser! Make Paragon City proud!


  1. Mindset's definitely got the best costume of the bunch. If I keep watching after the first episode, he might end up being one of my faves.

  2. Mister Mitzvah needs no help. He's really William Fichtner in disguise!

    I'll try to be an adult and not stare at Basura's page for too long, but I'm surprised her codename isn't Brassiere instead. Sex Appeal Character anyone?

    Braid: No.

    Hygena: There's always one, isn't there. She's the official replacement for the "fat girl" (I only use this term because that's the way the character was marketed) from last year =/

    Defuser does have a pretty awesome vest though, right?

  3. Maybe it's a case of a dirty mind, but "Hygena" sounds kinda wrong.

    +10 pts : Hygena getting defeated by water.

    Some of those were absolutely horrible - like the Idol and Dance, they shouldn't subject the viewers to that kinda of horror.

    The bit where feedback threw the dog back into the hallway while picking up Whipsnap was nice. I hate most small dogs though...

    Although - is Youtube that tight with their player, or everyone else just cheap - I hate that style of player :/


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