Wednesday, July 11, 2007

And now, your moment of Zenarchy

I have discovered the Holy Grail of job interview answers.

If, during the course of an interview, the interviewer should happen to ask you that much-hated question, "What's your biggest weakness?" or some other query designed to:
  1. See if you can put a PR spin on a failing, turning a flaw into a virtue;
  2. Measure the believability of your BS; or
  3. See if you are indeed stupid/naive enough to answer honestly;
then feel free to borrow a page from Auntie Palette's Little Black Anarchist's Cookbook by saying the following:

"My biggest weakness is that I refuse to answer questions like that one."

Maybe you won't get the job, but BY GOD, you'll have your dignity.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I'll need to bust that out at my next job interview. And 'Zenarchy' should be made word of the year.

    Also: Previous post deleted for excess of dickishness, racism, and superfluous references to Jhonen Vasquez, Carlos Mencia, and George Lopez.

  3. You're assuming I had dignity in the first place...

  4. I didn't think your original reply was offensive, Tau, but do as thou wilt.

    And Zenarchy is wonderful Discordian word/concept.

  5. Hmm, definitely usable.

    Aside, who let the Troy Hickman out of the box? Needle-sized holes only people, he can worm his way out of most things.


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