Monday, July 16, 2007

Waka Waka Waka

It amazes me
When I have nothing to say
And yet I still blog;
As if my constant talking
Will invoke my muse.
Any fool can fake haiku.
Structured poetry, you say?
Syllabic masturbation.



  1. Dammit woman, even when you're just supplying filler, you're doing it creatively.

    Why don't you just link to some hi-larious web hijinks or post the leaked copy of Harry Potter like the rest of us?

    Join the Lazy side of the force, it will make you far strongah than you ever imagined...

  2. I'd give you high marks, but you used the "muse" concept, which makes me want to stake you to an anthill. Of course, I wanted to do that before anyway...

  3. For the hundredth time, Troy: I won't let you put your stake in me without dinner and a movie first.

  4. Troy wants to stake Erin

    Not without dinner and movie

    You selfish bastard.

    I think I ruined the surprise of the final book for tau. He's quite cross with me.

    by the way: owynbkky is a bit much, as far as comment verification goes.

  5. I'm buggered for my

    defective haiku attempt

    Erin's name has two..

    Erm. Syllables. I'm rubbish at this.

  6. Dude, haiku is so
    Easy even a caveman
    Can do it. So there!

  7. Haiku is simple

    Like Geico car insurance

    That fucking Gecko

    Haiku is only difficult in its original language, because each letter in japanese is one syllable. That leads to some interesting syntax tricks which makes Haiku interesting. Haiku licks Ben Gibbard's balls in english. Just needed to clear that up from the perspective of someone who studied the language, and hates Ben Gibbard.

    Also, Spoiler Alert: Salem posted the wrong HP spoilers. Those have been proven fake. I know, because I read the damn book. And nothing unexpected happens. Although, Dobby and Hedwig die, but no one gives a shit about a house elf or an owl.

  8. I teach haiku to
    community college kids...
    someone please shoot me

  9. God, I remember giving a haiku assignment out when I student taught. My favorite from AP English 11 was:

    This poem is sucky
    But I wrote it anyway
    I don't want to fail

  10. Jeff, please tell me you failed them on account of "poem" having two syllables...

  11. he spent like a half hour arguing that it was just one, Pal Pal. It was magical.

    It says something bad about me that I enjoyed failing the little brats, doesn't it?


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