Tuesday, March 13, 2012


One of these days y'all should ask me why I think The Crow is actually set in the Highlander universe.


  1. OK, I'll play. Why?

    If you have a good answer, I'll explain why "The Hunted" is really a prequel to Highlander.

  2. Well I just did! Does that count?

  3. Because they both should have stopped at one movie?

  4. They're both movies with a mystical theme and a focus on ressurection (possibly through a deal with the devil) and featuring a very hard to kill protagonist?

  5. So, Palette, why do you think that The Crow is actually set in the Highlander universe?

  6. Ha! This is true. Although I did enjoy Endgame, since it took place in the Duncanverse.

  7. Why do you think "The Crow"(my favourite movie) is actually set in the Highlander universe.

  8. I"d really like to hear more, as I'm a fan of the Highlander universe myself (though more of the TV show than the movies, especially the magnificent Methos. More please!!!!

    Jen, aka Nightflyer

  9. Inquiring minds want to know.  But this does remind me about why I think Batman and Dr Who are the same person

  10. "I'm Batman"
    "I'm Batman"
    "Ah. Who"
    "I'M BATMAN!"
    "I heard you the second time. Who!"
    "So who are you then?"
    "Yes, that's right"
    "..., Who are you?"
    "WHO AR YOU!?!"


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