Saturday, October 15, 2011

MLP: Thoughts on "Student Zero"

Some spoilers ahoy if you haven't seen s2e3 of MLP.

  • I always suspected Twilight Sparkle's intense organization masked a barely-contained Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. 
  • Rarity has a fainting couch. This is most splendid.
  • Apparently Rainbow Dash has leveled up and not only can perform a Sonic Rainboom at will, she can now apply a Nuclear Rainblast to her target. 
  • Of course Fluttershy knows chiropractic and shiatsu massage. 
  • I find it strange that Twilight didn't check in with Pinkie Pie before the picnic.  
  • At this point I am convinced Lauren Faust employs people specifically to read Internet speculations about MLP just so she can more effectively troll us. First Derpy Hooves, then "Cupcakes"/Party of One, and now, in this episode: This is Rainbow Dash! Right now... she's Rainbow Glasses.
  • Rarity takes her fainting couch with her on a picnic. Truly, she is a highly prepared Victorian Lady.
  • Finally, the long-anticipated Twilight Sparkle freak-out. Now each of the Mane Six has had a moment of insanity related to Complete Cutie Mark Collapse. 
  • I approve of the Cutie Mark Crusaders being  trolled in this manner. 
  • Big McIntosh will now perform the role of Ash as the Ponyville Players present Army of Darkness.
  • Princess Celestia puts the deus in deus ex machina. She's even hovering in the air. Of course.
  • Big Mac shows us he has hidden depths! Eeeeeeyup. :)
  • In true familiar/flunky fashion, Spike receives little credit for saving the day. 

In summary: Now that we've gotten the obligatory two-part not-especially-fun season opener out of the way, we are back to having the seriously fun/funny/lulzy/nearly subversive humor we've come to expect from MLP. Huzzah!

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