Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WNW: Zombies, Zombies Everywhere

Well, it's been a week and the virus which ravaged my home seems to have finally run its course with me. I'm in that gray area of "technically not sick, but not feeling good enough to properly be called healthy just yet" where I am no longer miserable but lack the energy to do much of anything.

So, zombies. It's October, so they're in vogue once again, and I feel like I've just woken from a zombie state. Therefore I give you a hodgepodge of debatably amusing zombie-themed media.

1. Run For your Lives is a zombie-themed 5k "fun run" where actors dressed as zombies chase you as you attempt to cross obstacles and make it to the finish line without "dying". Now, I hate running, but this looks awesome and if it were in my area I'd definitely give it a try. As it is, there'll be a gun show in my neck of the woods October 22-23, so I'll be preparing for the apocalypse in my own special way.

A couple of videos made by RFYL to promote the event:

2. An Ace Hardware store in Lenexa, Kansas (why is it always the midwestern states?) is running a Zombie Preparedness Special. In addition to sales they also have an extensive help section on frequently-asked zombie questions, such as the ever-relevant "My husband wants to use his blow torch to ward off oncoming zombies. Do you have any tips or suggested products to prevent fires?"  They also have a handy one-page PDF of guidelines for home zombie defense.

They even have a clever video. Why isn't Ace Hardware making this a national ad campaign?

3. Brownells (a shooting supply store) has a webpage which claims that the zombie apocalypse has already begun, and therefore is offering specials on ammunition. I find it odd that the zombocalypse is centered upon Iowa City, IA (there's that midwest connection again). Of course, if it spreads to Illinois, who would know the difference?

4. There is no fourth entry. This has been included solely to comply with the Law of Fives. Don't have a Chao.

5. Finally, enjoy an interactive movie about delivering pizzas during a zombie apocalypse in Deliver Me To Hell.

Enjoy, and don't get eaten!

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