Sunday, May 27, 2012

For everyone who thinks I'm weird to have a Zombie Kit...

... this is how the outbreak might start.

A naked guy is found eating the face -- THE FACE -- of another man; attacks a police officer when told to back down; is shot for his trouble; does not stop and instead attacks again, resulting in the officer shooting him at least 5 more times.

Fucking ZOMBIES, guys.


  1. Sooo. If his victim survives and starts chewing on someone else I'm going to suggest quarantine. As in "Haul out the flamethrowers".
    However, considering that it's our planet we can't really nuke it from orbit, so we can't be sure. :P

  2. Z Kits are perfectly cromulent.  And they're not just limited to zombies.   Gnome invasions,  time traveling magician invasions, and milkman conspiracies are all a bit easier to deal with when you've done some preparation ahead of time.

    Though irony of ironies, the one time my car was broken into all that was stolen was *my* travel bug out kit and a collapsible cooler.

  3. You always gotta be concerned about gnomes. But yeah, still pretty bizarre and worrying. It's another reason to come strapped- you never know when a crazy-ass mafucker is going to try and eat your Goddamn face. 

  4. oh great, Wesker broke out the T-Virus again -_-

  5. I am very boring because the first thing I thought of was not zombies (which for many cases of zombie, are not realistically scary) but rather PCP.

  6. Kelly, I agree with you, that was my first reaction as well. I know our hostess longs for a zombie outbreak to occur for some reason, but in this case I just thought "drugs are crazy, man."

  7. The main reason is basically "All the stupid people would die first." I like to think I'm smart enough to survive one, but if I don't, then I guess I was too dumb to live. 

  8. I knew the population of Sunnydale couldn't have been conjured up out of nowhere!

  9. Apparently a slow outbreak unfolding before our eyes in Florida. God, I hope I'm joking.


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