Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Monday* Gunday: Paying it Forward

(*special "Oh my God I need to get off my ass and write this damn blog" edition)

A while back, I promised the gun-blog-o-sphere that, out of gratitude for helping me buy a pistol for concealed carry, I would do my best to "pay it forward" to prove I was deserving of their generosity. Today's post is a status update of how I am doing with that.

1) As I mentioned a while back, when I announced that I was going to be getting my CWP, my mom took an interest in it as well -- probably a combination of being able to share in the logistics and the unrest down south as a result of Zimmerman -- so we both took the classes and filled out the paperwork.

We're still waiting to get our permits back from the gummint (average processing time has increased from 3 weeks to 6), but mom has already bought her carry pistol (.357 Ruger LCR) and just got her Looper Flashbang holster in the mail today.

2) As a result of reading my Monday Gunday posts, faithful reader Ricochet (she of the Pinball Mind) has been able to overcome her cultural conditioning of "guns are bad," and after scoring VERY well with a military simulation rifle has decided to dip a toe into the world of sport shooting. Normally I wouldn't be able to help her out, because she lives in Australia, but through the magic of the Gun Blog Black List and Facebook, I was able to become friends with Jigsaw -- a gunnie who lives in Australia. She will be able to help Ricochet navigate the quaint and curious regulations needed for an antipodean to own and operate a firearm, and the two of them are already getting along like a house on fire. In fact, Jigsaw's already invited Ricochet to come visit her and shoot her guns.

3) This last piece is more of a request than an update. I have another friend, Miakoda, who lives in South Bend, Indiana. She'd like to know more about guns and how to shoot them, but she is very ignorant of how they work. I mean absolutely no disrespect here, but she literally did not know the difference between a semiauto and a revolver before she began speaking to me. I've tried to educate her as best I can, but it's difficult to do over chat and she'd really benefit from some hands-on training by an actual instructor.

If there's anyone in Indiana who is willing to take her to the range and give her some basic instruction for little to no cost, I would really really appreciate it, and I know she will too. Contact me -- you know how to get in touch. :)

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