Tuesday, December 18, 2012

And now, your moment of zen

Feeling overwhelmed about the Connecticut school shooting?  Me too. I don't feel like doing anything except sitting in a nice comfy chair and drinking booze until all the shouting goes away.

Have some cute pony things to help take your mind off the tragedy and perhaps soothe your soul.

You may download this as a screensaver here

An adorable Derpy Hooves wallpaper by DeviantArtist Brightshadow813:

The download may be found here.
More Derpy wallpaper may be found here

Finally, if you still need cheering up, I've found that Pinkie Pie singing "Smile Smile Smile" is nearly medical-grade happy juice:


  1. Thanks!   I needed that.  Also got some sort of stomach bug this weekend and am on the mend from that.

  2. Picture a redhead with glass of whiskey singing Irish Drinking song in my Applejack accent!  Thanks for a smile.  Hugs.


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