Saturday, December 8, 2012

Didja know...

.. that during World War 2, Disney produced a 20-minute cartoon on how to operate an anti-tank rifle?

Neither did I until just now.

This might just be the coolest cartoon you see all weekend. Enjoy!

(H/T to Jim Rawles at Survivalblog)


  1. Disney and his artists did a lot of nose art too.

  2. "And apply the safety catch" is going into my slang lexicon alongside "Or as the British call it, 'a spanner'."

  3. I knew about this film, but hadn't seen it was on youtube in one piece.  I'd found it broken into three sections before.

  4. Never saw the whole thing before, thanks for posting. It makes me nostalgic for my old job. Amazing stuff see the old film and animation.

  5. I am reasonably confident that the subtitles for hitler are either way off, or didn't include everything. 

    I only know a smattering of German from High School, but I think he was using a euphemism for his penis and then covered his crotch.

  6. Ohio Ordinance had one for sale not long back. Can't remember if it had been converted to .50 BMG or not...

  7. Jack found one for sale online for a mere NINETEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS.  Why, at that price I'll buy two!

    So Tam, speaking of cartoons... have you watched those DVDs yet? ;)

  8. Best 20 minutes of my weekend, for sure!

  9. If I ever get one of these I shall get a small reinforced cubby to store them in. And when/if the apocalypse comes I shall say "honey, I think I need to go to the little Boys room".


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