Saturday, April 6, 2013

Final Mom Update

Yes, I missed the last two days again. The bipolar weather is playing merry hell with my allergies and sinuses, and I've been miserable. It feels like having a flu, only without the fever. I do not recommend it for anyone as it is absolutely no fun at all.

People have been asking me how my mom is doing, and I realized I'd stopped complaining about her. Whoops!  Some time in late February or early March, she started taking her naps back in her bedroom. She couldn't sleep back there full-time, because her shoulder was giving her problems and, being a side-sleeper, could only take a few hours on it. Still, it freed up my afternoons, and so if you look back and find when my blogging began to pick up again, that was probably when.

That was a marked improvement to my quality of life, as I had the house to myself for a while and could do writerly things like pace around the house in my underwear and talk to myself. Having been given this release, I didn't need the outlet of complaining here or on FB about how my life was full of awful first-world problems.

Since then, things have steadily improved. Within a few weeks, she was sleeping in her own bedroom. She was able to make it to church for Palm Sunday. Most recently, she said that her shoulder just "popped" one day and it stopped hurting, leading her to believe that during the operation it had been slightly dislocated when they had strapped her down tightly.  After that, she felt she was good enough to help me walk dogs, and last Sunday I was told I didn't have to get up at oh-dark-thirty in order to walk them.

So if I can just get over whatever is bothering me, maybe I can get back on schedule for writing.

In related news: Squeaky has the lowdown on her current health, so you can go see your contributions being put to good use. Again, I want to thank everyone who helped her achieve 100% for both procedures -- you rock! Woohoo!


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