Monday, April 22, 2013

So... welcome to my blog

So, um.  Hi. I'm Erin, and apparently a screed I wrote at 2 am in a fit of high dudgeon is blowing up the internets right now.

Yeah, I don't get it either.

So now that you're here, I feel I must warn you that I don't always talk about guns. I don't always go on amusing rants, either. In fact, I try to be pretty chill and cultivate a geekier-than-thou pose.

I'm tempted to post a week of nothing by My Little Pony just to mess with your minds.


  1. Why has that post gotten so popular? It spoke to me. As I'm certain it spoke to many an American who's damn tired of a bunch of authoritarian fools attempting to run our lives for us, when it's patently obvious they don't know their ass from a hole in the ground.

    My God-given human rights are NOT up for discussion, debate or compromise. PERIOD. And screw anyone who thinks they are. Sand. Line. Dare ya.

    Your rant was exactly what needed to be said to these condescending douchebags, and I reposted it in full just because it needs to be shoved in the faces of as many of these fools as possible. Well done!

  2. Some time back Say Uncle linked to you when you wanted money to buy a gun. I sent you a couple of bucks. Said post paid me back in full.

  3. One of the Newbs here, and I'm not even an American, I'm a very gunny, very libertarian and moderately geeky Brit (something of an endangered species).

    That post was excellent, it got right to the heart of the matter, without any of the usual appeals to authority, descents into the murky slime of utilitarianism, or grovelling to political correctness.

    Hopefully the post's popularity has helped correct some of your precious little target's way over developed sense of entitlement (narcissism seems to be a feature of pro registration folks)

    I've been looking round at some of your other posts, and like what I've seen, Keep on doing what you want to and what you like, it's your blog to use or abuse however you want - those are my individual thoughts - I can't speak for the other newbs, they can do it just fine for themselves.

  4. What Wraith said. Sick and tired of their bullshit and they just need a big fat FUCK YOU now and then.

  5. Its OK, post unicorns, I will simply repost then in fleet chat while playing eve. (who knew so many men enjoy My little pony..... its not my cup of tea but if it gets them to fleet up .... oh well.)

    I loved snark and cutthroat humor, your reviews are great, and I dig the space stuff too. Its a complete package wrapped nicely in an odd but tolerable pony love thing.

    BTW if you ever want to play internet spaceships with 10,000 of your closest friends (or as close as you would want to have a bunch of basement dwelling nerds) drop me a line,

  6. OH my please tell me more about this woolly mamoth

  7. I'm tempted to post a week of nothing by My Little Pony just to mess with your minds.

    We in the strategic-weapons community call that "making the rubble bounce."

  8. Who knows. Maybe you'll create a few bronies in the course of things.

    Geekier than thou! Hey! I write science fiction! How geeky is that? I'm a web designer. A LAN administrator. We don't COME any geekier! Sheesh! ::grin::


  9. Hello, Erin. I am one of those who discovered your rant and shared it with my friends. As Wraith said, "It spoke to me". And it spoke to my friends as well.

    I think you should consider yourself a success if you find people sharing your work with their friends.

    I have bookmarked your site and will visit regularly. Write about ponies or whatever you like. I will check them out, anxiously awaiting the next time you find yourself in 'High Dudgeon'.

    Good work.


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