Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Gunday Quickie

Apparently I'm just not meant to own an AR-15, because every time I try to order parts, I end up with someone taking my money and then refusing to send me my merchandise.

The last time this happened, it was from someone I knew over Facebook. This time, it was from an internet vendor with an actual physical address and everything. Both times, they've tried to scam me and refused to communicate when I asked, quite reasonably, "Hey, where's that stuff I paid for?"

To everyone who thinks I am paranoid for not showing my face on the internet:  this is one of many, many reasons why I feel that, honestly, I'm not paranoid enough. I'm obviously far too trusting when it comes to believing people will actually send me what I pay for.

And this is the main reason why I bought an SKS: because I suspected I'd never get my AR built, and I wanted something to fill the "semiautomatic rifle" slot in my firearm inventory. At least this way, I have one from each of the major food groups.

I will go into greater detail, including the name of the vendor, as soon as the credit card company assures me that the chargeback is complete. Oh, believe me, I am going to vent my spleen and name names, and hopefully no one within the sound of my voice will buy from this company ever again.


  1. What do you need? I've got a bunch of stuff sitting around that I'll probably never use. You can have it if you'll pay shipping. I'll even send it first, you can paypal me later. Just drop me an email if your interested.

  2. Excellent! (for us, not so much you) i look forward to internet vengeance.

  3. Please do, we NEED to know whom NOT to deal with...

  4. Oddly enough an adjustable stock I ordered from Black Horse Armoury last November just showed up last week. They (he) is/are being investigated for fraud and I never expected to see this stock. Now it's time to get the scope on my PSL zeroed.

  5. Yes, what parts are you needing? If nothing else we experienced builders can attempt to steer you to who's got the parts in stock.

  6. Minstrel ThatOtherGuyApril 29, 2013 at 11:01 PM

    I'm finding it really disheartening that so many gun related businesses are being shut down for actual violations. There are at least 9 that I know of, and 2 within 100km of me. So sad.

  7. I promise, names will be named. I'm just waiting for the chargeback to be completed before I do.

  8. Well, I need a complete upper. Including BCG. I kinda doubt you guys have those just lying around...

  9. Story of my life.

    How much for the BCG? Because I'm rather broke at the moment.

  10. Bolt. Not bolt carrier group. It's from a Del Ton kit originally. It ended up being left over when I rebarrelled one of the AR's.

    I could prolly part (pun) with it for $40.

    There's a guy who's at the Suncoast and Orlando gunshows who brings a passel of AR stuff that's been surplused. I'd check there for a BCG and upper. An FNMI M16A2 upper has one of the best barrels made for the things, if you can get past that 20" barrels are unstylish.

  11. Please do share when it is time. I have a particular distaste for online jackasses. I will definitely name names and addresses and blood type.

    I came here from The Liberty Zone, where Nicki rocks it hard.

  12. Take a hint and build an AK instead? :D
    All you should need is a barrel, some springs and a shovel.

  13. Bought an SKS instead. Cheaper, and doesn't need lots of magazines.


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