Thursday, April 25, 2013

Gunnies Helping Gunnies: an Update

Relax, I'm not going to ask you guys for money. (Yet.)  Instead, I'm going to give you all an update on the various people you have helped, either via my nagging or otherwise.

  • She hasn't mentioned it on her blog (yet), but according to Facebook, Tam's nose is healing nicely. "I went in for my 5 wk checkup and they said zombie nose was good. I'm scheduled for scar revision in May," she says. 
  • Squeaky Wheel says she doesn't have uterine cancer, and if you're into that sort of thing you can totally see pictures of her internal organs, hubba hubba.  She's going to need another surgery, though, and I'm not sure if it's funded or not. If not, you can bet your sweet bippy I'm going to hit you up for donations. 
  • Earlier in the month, MSgt B asked for $500 in donations to help Sam, a 6 year old boy with brain cancer, afford chemotherapy. Thanks to your help, "Team Sammy Conquers Cancer" raised three times that amount -- $1,875 in fact. Well done, everyone! Take a victory lap. 
  • Speaking of cancer, AGirl has learned that the thing on her head is, in fact, Basal Cell Carcinoma, and is treating it with cream under the watchful eye of her doctor. (I had no idea there were such things as anti-cancer creams! Truly, this is The Future.) 

Overall, it's been a bad month for cancer. Let it roll, I say.

My apologies if I left anyone off this list. Let me know in comments below and I'll fix it immediately. 


  1. It's microscopic in the scope of things, but gunny readers got a purple stock set for one of my AR's just to make The Boy's day. A purchase that would not have happened without their generous help!

  2. The old Shake and Bake commercial just popped in my head.

    "And I helped!"

  3. That's how I feel every time an established gun blogger links to me. "Look, mommy! I'm helping the grownups! I'm a big girl now!"

  4. I can't help it; my first thought is "What will she choose to revise it to?"

  5. Thanks for the updates, with travel to check on family and work I've not been keeping up with hardly anyone's blog on a regular basis.

    I'll say a prayer for a Girl, but am super happy Squeeky doesn't have to have more serious treatment.


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