Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Since the last time I talked about my random dreams was well-received, and I've had a couple zany ones since, I thought I'd share. 

July 7, 2013:
Last night's dreams were brought to me by Michael Bay: awesome and spectacular, but making no sense whatsoever.

First I was a cat burglar who knocked over an oil lamp that destroyed a library, thus revealing the location of a little boy who was being held captive by a creepy evil man (possibly a lich or a vampire); then the boy's father was doing a daring rescue via an underground cavern filled with critters that swarmed like a Harryhausen flick and he had to dodge them using only infrared goggles and lamp.

Then I was a member of GI Joe and I was doing an in-flight insertion to a hijacked plane while wearing an Accelerator Suit alongside my partner, Mossad agent Lewis Black, to defeat the terrorist leader, a one-armed Danny DeVito.

And then finally, I was at a fancy dinner where a blonde Guy Pearce, with stretching powers, matched wits with evil mastermind 1990s Val Kilmer, in what was possibly the yaoi-est version of Mr. Fantastic & Doctor Doom that I've ever seen.

I wish to state for the record that even though the dream did not say, I am unsure if Lewis Black's character was male or female.

July 17, 2013:
Right before the alarm woke me up, dreamed I was some kind of viking adventurer with shield and axe and epic beard. I also had a basso profundo voice* and was singing:

Let's go
on adventure!
Let's go
on a quest to find

Dammit. I will never find out what I was questing to find.
*Seriously. Imagine James Earl Jones singing the Kalevala. It was that awesome.

Since I'm on the subject, will anyone else admit to having gender-bent dreams? I know it happens to other people, too, and I would LOVE to hear about them.

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  1. My favorite gender-bent dream had me and a bunch of my friends (whose genders were not bent) running through the local former world's largest mall, which had no power - but it was crowded as ever, and everyone was just shopping like all the lights being off was just this thing that happened every now and then.

    At some point, everyone wandered off and there was this cave where a psychiatrist sat me down on a couch and strongly disapproved of how totally okay I was with the whole wrong-gender thing, and then my friends came back and we all ran away from the cthulhoid zombies that apparently infested the cave.

    It's STILL the most restful dream I've ever had.


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