Wednesday, July 10, 2013


So, the last time I had a co-writer on this blog, things didn't go so well. (I shan't name names, but the archives are there if you look hard enough.)  But that was six years ago, so I figured maybe it was time to suck it up and try it again.

Also, I am trying to build the Erin Palette Media Empire over here, and to do that, I need minions flunkies serfs peons co-bloggers.

So I'm going to introduce a friend of mine, Salem McGourley.

Salem can best be described as my "platonic soulmate": we've known each other pretty much since the moment I started blogging, and if he had the plumbing I prefer, or if I had interest in males, we'd be boinking like bunnies. As it is, we're practically an old married couple already, bickering and finishing each other's sentences.

Well, there was that one time I killed him on my blog, but that hardly counts. Ironically, not only did no one get the joke, he didn't even READ that blog entry until it was far too late for him to reply with a humorous "Wait. What? I'm not dead!"  The bastard.

Hmm. I am starting to see a flaw in this plan.

At any rate, Salem is going to be writing an article a week for me about assorted geekery that I don't touch on in my posts. Usually this will be about computer games or Doctor Who, but perhaps he will do one of his amusing tirades against social justice warriors on Tumblr. He has a dark sense of humor, like I do, and the snark is strong with him.

In order to prevent any confusion, I shall post a picture of him at the beginning of blog posts so you will it is him talking and not me.

Poncey eyebrow for the win. 

Don't fuck this up, Salem.


  1. Hello to Salem, he has a high bar to leap over. I hope he has some good running shoes for the run up.

  2. Hysterical EnterpriseJuly 10, 2013 at 1:35 PM

    I enjoy his eyebrows.

  3. Yay, computer games and Doctor Who! I am okay with this. I bet he'll draw new readers who will be deeply confused by the gunnie portion of this blog.

  4. Deep confusion is one of the hallmarks of my style.

  5. And that is one of many reasons we lurv you. ♥

  6. Wait... does he have a tumblr where he has tirades against social justice warriors? Or does he have tirades about tumblr's social justice warriors?

    Also, Salem. Which Doctor?

  7. It's the latter. And Seven.

  8. Hallo, everyone. When Erin made the offer, I felt that having an obligation to someone else to have something written every week was probably the best way to motivate me to regularly write again. I'm terrible about simply forgetting to do it.


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