Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mods are asleep...

... post ponies!

I haven't been feeling great this past week. Not so much sick, but emotional: feeling lonely, feeling sad, feeling depressed. Ponies help with those feelings.

First we start with a video of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey... muffins?

Warning:  Some of these videos are liable to stir up lots of dust and onions near your computer.  For example, Derpy's Toy made me bawl like a little girl even though it had a happy ending.

Haven't cried enough? Okay, try Snowdrop on for size:

I bet you're crying now, aren't you?  It's okay. This is a safe place. Just let it all out.

Since Princess Luna showed up in Snowdrop, we have a natural segue to this AMAZING music video. Children of the Night is slightly grimdark, what with the Victorian level of poverty, but the music and singing and animation are all top-notch.

This last one, Daylight's End, isn't quite as amazing, but considering that it's a pony video made from a League of Legends song, it's truly impressive how well it fits both setting and character. And the song is just incredible!

I do so love this fandom. Even when they make me cry.


  1. You can never have to much pony.

  2. If it helps you, it's NOT wrong...

  3. I never said it was wrong. Why would I say that?

  4. It IS kind of ponyish.
    I have no interest in ponies. But I will say for some reason your blog always comes to mind when I come across something about ponies now. I wonder why....


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