Friday, July 19, 2013

The phrase that got me banned from Facebook

"I was once niggardly with a jigger full of chiggers."

I am immensely proud of this ban, mostly because I know I don't have anywhere near the readership that Michael Z. Williamson has, and yet I was able to offend enough brittle people to get censored and timed-out just like he did. I've got game, baby.    ::flex::

Again, not a picture of me. I just like her expression and muscle tone. 

 Here's what I find darkly amusing:
  • Mad Mike got blocked for saying "Chigger," but I didn't. Of course, I included a link to the Wikipedia article about chiggers, which probably helped my case. 
  • I "confessed" to being a pedagogue. Which, curiously, did not result in a ban, as I assumed people would confuse pedagogue (which I am) with pedophile (which I'm not). 
  • Yet in between those two, a bit of doggerel which included a legitimate word for "stingy" that only sounds racist got me banned. 
  • And yet, the "Kill George Zimmerman" page somehow doesn't violate Facebook standards, despite having a credible threat of violence. 
Oh, Facebook admins. You're such a bunch of cunctators


  1. I know you're young, so you may not have been politically aware when this was in the news...

    "The director of D.C. Mayor Anthony A. Williams's constituent services
    office resigned after being accused of using a racial slur, the mayor's
    office said yesterday.

    David Howard, head of the Office of Public Advocate, said he used the
    word 'niggardly' in a Jan. 15 conversation about funding with two

    'I used the word 'niggardly' in reference to my administration of a
    fund,' Howard said in a written statement yesterday. 'Although the word,
    which is defined as miserly, does not have any racial connotations, I
    realize that staff members present were offended by the word.'"

    He was eventually offered his job back. In a perfect world, the staff members who were offended by a word they didn't understand would have been offered the opportunity to seek employment more suited to their limited intellectual abilities.

  2. Well done!

  3. thats awesome. But shame on you for even having a facebook.

    Follow up with this;
    whats the defininition of RENEGE?
    -Shift change at the carwash.

  4. Shame on me? Sir, I am a writer. I need social media to raise awareness of my writing.

  5. Hmmmm. Williamson's "Chegro" rather reminds me of Ian Fleming:
    “People are so dam’ sensitive about colour around here that you
    can’t even ask a barman for a jigger of rum. You have to ask for a jegro.”
    (Leiter in Diamonds are Forever)

  6. oh, facebooks days are so over. you might as well have myspace. VK is where its at now.


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