Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Gunday: Thank God That's Over With

So, the Zimmerman Trial is over here in Florida, and the riots that everyone was worried about didn't happen.

Well, at least not here in Florida. I understand that there were some conflicts in Los Angeles between the police and the protesters when some of them started slinging rocks and batteries at the cops.

Are you not entertained, America? All this was ribbed for your pleasure by the media, after all.

Anyway, I am really over this entire thing, and I hope I never hear the words "George Zimmerman" or "Trayvon Martin" ever again, much like I hope never have to hear about "Octomom" or "Casey Anthony" or whichever asshole it was that was schtupping one of Palin's kids. (No, honestly, don't tell me his name. I'm happier this way.)

If, however, you feel you haven't yet gotten your fill of GZ/TM, then let me direct you to these fine hand-crafted links:
I will close with this:  Yesterday on Facebook, I offered to explain "SYG" in simple terms to anyone who was confused by it or thought it applied to GZTM. I noted that while I was not a lawyer, as a licensed concealed weapon carrier I had actually read the statues several times, because it was my ass if I got them wrong.  One person took me up on that offer, and within a short conversation I was able to enlighten him.

He then said:
You sick, evil, twisted bitch, Erin... Now that I have a better understanding of SYG (and how Florida's specific laws relating to it are not relevant to the Zimmerman trial), I have contracted a full-blown case of Class-IV SIWOTI* Syndrome over 98% of my friends feed. Damn your eyes.

(By the way, you have my full permission to use that quote for promotional purposes as you see fit. I would prefer for it to be credited either anonymously or as "A yankee lib.")
Annoyance and education in the same package -- my job here is done.

*Someone Is Wrong On The Internet


  1. Well, according to the Brit papers, the 'entire' country is in an uproar... not so much... :-)

  2. My twitter stream was so bad I shut my phone off two days ago. The stupid, it burns. And what burns even more, two of them are presenting at a tech conference here later on this week.

    And I have officially decided to tell the Unitarians to kiss my ass. It's obvious that they want people like me DEAD.

  3. Unitarians? I must have missed something.

  4. If they're like the Unitarian Church around here, if they went much further left they'd fall off the edge.

    Think of a church that spent the money for a big bronze "This is a Nuclear-Free Zone" sign to go by the front door. And embraces every left-wing pile you can think of.

  5. Thanks for the link, greatly appreciated.

    I tried to discuss the case with a high school alumni on FB. In discussing why she felt Zimmerman was guilty, I apparently was wrong for asking for evidence and pointing out (with citations) where "The Narrative" was wrong, I woke up the next day to find myself blocked by this person.

    Amazing how tolerant some people =when "that is your opinion and I have mine. That is what makes America great". (direct quote)


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