Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Gunday: A Possibly Familiar Face

If you go over at Oleg's blog (which you might have seen already, because this post is days late), you might recognize a certain someone in one of his articles.

As it happened, I passed through Nashville on Sunday on my way home from a blogmeet, and he let me crash on his couch after having dinner with him and some friends. Since I had some of my guns with me, he said "I'd like to take some pictures of you, if I may."  Well, dang. Who's going to say no to an Oleg photoshoot? So he took several pictures of me before I left Monday morning -- many more than he posted.

I'm not going to post his first picture here.  It's a GOOD picture, don't get me wrong -- I just have a dissociative feeling whenever I look at it. The best way I can describe it is, "That is a very good picture of the person who isn't me but nevertheless who I see in the mirror every day. I am pleased that Oleg managed to make that person look good, which is something I did not think was possible. But I still have a sense of jamais vu when I look at it."

I am, however, dreadfully amused at my expression in that first photo. It's practically a cross between "redneck" and "derp". Sort of like "Did Ah jest heah banjos? Becaz Ah hates banjos."

I'm a lot better with the second picture, mostly because it obscures my (not-mine) face. I become a prop for showcasing the firearm, which looks appropriately badass.

Also, I totally sneaked a My Little Pony "Dash Am" t-shirt into the shot. When I pointed it out to him, Oleg just shrugged and said "Well of course", as if it were unthinkable to take a picture of me without ponies somehow being involved.  There's probably some truth to that.

Sorry for the glare off of my pale, pale skin. 

Anyway, since a lot of folks have been asking about all the stuff that I put on my Sub-2000, I figured I'd make a list of the add-ons with links to where I got them.
* I am pleased to report that the drum worked flawlessly when I shot it this weekend.  Sadly, I only got to shoot it once, what with that whole "5 seconds of shooting, 5 minutes of loading" thing going on, but I am pleased that it didn't jam once!  So I'm happy with having it. 

Oleg also wanted some more shots of me with the Mosin. Who am I to say no to that?

.. yeah, I have no ending for this.  Talk to y'all later. 

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