Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday Gunday Product Review: Trigger Shoes from RSI

Back in the spring, I ordered a Mosin Nagant Timney Trigger Shoe from Rock Solid Industries. I don't recall how I discovered it -- I routinely look for accessories by googling "Mosin Nagant accessories" or similar search terms, so this is probably how I stumbled onto them.

I thought it was a clever idea, because literally a few days before I found it (and I know this because my receipt is labeled February 18), I had gone shooting to test out Riflemods' Mosin-Nagant Magazine Extension. While "ow, my shoulder" was the reason I stopped at 65 rounds rather than 100, still fresh in my mind was the discomfort in my trigger finger caused by the rather sharp angle of the Timney Trigger. That edge isn't noticeable at first, but after enough shots through it my finger started to protest with "I am a delicate fingertip and you're mashing me against a 90 degree angle and that hurts so please stop."

The edge of the trigger is quite visible in this picture.
(Photo courtesy of The Bangswitch.)

So between the memory of that discomfort and the fact that the trigger shoe only cost $12, I ordered one to see how it worked.  (They also make a shoe for the stock Mosin trigger for exactly the same price.)

The trigger shoe is a friction-fit: you mate the notch to the trigger and then attach it through two set-screws (a properly-sized Allen wrench comes standard with the order). It's easy to put on and take off, which is a good thing because while mounted, it prevents you from separating the upper and lower receivers.

Photo courtesy of Oleg Volk. Rifle belongs to me. 

The shoe itself has a nice satiny feel to it, is approximately twice as wide as the trigger it attaches onto, and has a gentle left-to-right arch that feels fantastic against my finger. Having twice the surface area allows me to exert more control over how I pull the trigger, and it removes the pain from an extended shooting session. To say that it makes shooting my Mosin more comfortable is an understatement; at the risk of developing a serious case of purple prose, I am inclined to say that using the trigger shoe is a "luxurious experience".

And really, that's what it is: a luxury. But it's an inexpensive, easy-to-use luxury that makes shooting an old rifle that much more fun, so why not have one?

My Recommendation:
Purists will hate it (naturally), but modders will love it. If you like sticking things on your Mosin, I highly recommend getting one. Because it is a friction fit, adding it does not permanently alter your rifle, which means if you have several Mosins you can easily swap the shoe between them.

Rating: A+

Obligatory FTC disclaimer: I bought this product with my own money so neener. 

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