Saturday, June 7, 2014

Mounds of Crap

In case y'all thought I was exaggerating about my dad's hoarding in Friday's BCP post:

This is the main pile.  (Mom calls them "Dad's Hemorrhoids," because piles.) And this is AFTER we cleared away boxes and boxes of stuff, some of them sitting on TWO CHAIRS.  After using a tape measure (and estimating for what we already removed), I reckon it was about 4 feet by seven feet by 2.5 feet... about 70 cubic feet of crap, all told.  For reference, that dresser top in the background  (rendered totally inaccessible by said pile)  is about 30.5 inches tall.

This is the left side of the bed. That particular hemorrhoid is 2x2x7 feet.  There was a matching pile on the right...

... but we cleared it away before I thought to take a picture of it. Basically, imagine a path about a foot wide between the bed and all the stuff.  From foreground to back:  Books to be gotten rid of, more books to be gotten rid of, and a box full of disorganized financial forms of dubious importance. They all need to be gone through and kept if recent, shredded if not.

And this is the bed. Admittedly, the bags and the boxes were moved onto the bed so we could have space to operate. But you see the roughly person-sized volume of stacks of books on the left? Yep, those "live" there. Dad sleeps on the right. He shares his bed with books.

And this is but one of the loads of trash we've thrown out after shifting through what will easily be 100 cubic feet of crap.  The trash bag on the right is completely filled with shredded documents.  The oldest was dad's 1998 tax return.

We've been at this for over a week and the end isn't even in sight.  Ugh. 

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