Monday, June 16, 2014

Packing for a Blogmeet

Yep, I'm about to go on another vacation.  This has been a busy year, though -- no sooner did mom get her spinal pain sorted out with an epidural than my father fell off a step stool and broke his hip.  That was about the last part of May, and since then mom and I have been cleaning out his room (basically non-stop) so he can navigate it with his walker.

So I'm about to get out of here, and I deserve the break. Especially since there's going to be friction around the house as Mr. Crankypants has to adjust to live with less mobility. I've leaving on Wednesday, he comes home on Thursday -- I couldn't have timed it better if I'd planned it that way.

However, I will not be attended Oddball's Second Annual Bidet Shoot this year.* Instead, I will be attending a gathering of the Inner Circle of a certain political blog at [LOCATION REDACTED].

Which is basically a longwinded way of saying "I'm leaving on Wednesday, so no blogging from me tomorrow. Von and Salem will update as usual, and I will have an automated SHTFriday post over at Blue Collar Prepping."

See y'all next week!

* This isn't because I no longer love Oddball.  It is because both blogmeets are over the same weekend in different states, and when I went to NRAAM in April I saw everyone who will be attending the Bidet Shoot. Therefore, I decided to go with meeting folks I haven't met before.

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