Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday Gunday: Things that make me giggle, photo edition

How much a friend of mine looks like 

Miniguns in VW buses!

Miniguns in VW buses!

Miniguns in VW buses!!!

In fact, I like this one so much that I got one for myself.  Sure, on a Glock pistol it looks ridiculous... but how about on a pistol-caliber carbine that accepts Glock magazines?

It's not unwieldy at all, actually. I'm already supporting my Sub-2000 with two hands and a shoulder weld, and the extra 17 rounds don't increase the weight all that much.  I am running out of things to put on it, though...

Plus, it makes my S2K feel even MORE like a submachinegun. 

It's not even difficult to load with the built-in ratchety-thing. It just takes a while.

I don't care if it's silly, or if it's ugly, or if it jams like a mofo.  It makes me laugh, dammit. 

(Full review will come once I've tested it)

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