Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Gunday: Oleg at the Range

No, not that Oleg; this one. When I solicited my readership for names, no one suggested anything better and several agreed that naming my pistol after the man who helped me get it was very appropriate.

But I digress. I hopped over to my friendly semi-local firing range this weekend with my pistol and proceeded to poke holes in a target. Let me tell you guys, those Pearce grip extensions work really, really well! I had a bit of a problem getting the original floorplate off the magazine, but then I found this video:

As for the shooting, I went through about 6 magazines worth of ammunition in 15 minutes, and came out with this target.

A little low at first, yes. Please note that even though the first shots went low, if we consider the bullseye to be a man's chest, every one of them was a hit to the torso. See for yourself as the target is overlaid upon a freshly-laundered Men's T-shirt, sized Medium:

This was done at the closest range on their pistol course, which is 7 yards. Want to know what's interesting? The longest unobstructed path through my house is from the living room to the bedrooms, connected by a hallway. The distance from the furthest bedroom door to the far wall of the living room is also 7 yards -- I've measured it.

In other words, in the highly unlikely event of a home invasion -- in which case I have instructed my family to head back to my room where I maintain our arsenal -- I can retreat into the hallway, create a "fatal funnel", and shoot this accurately.  That's a comforting thing to know.

Of course, the bad guys probably won't be obliging enough to stand still, but that's why God invented practice and I have a yearlong range pass.

I like this gun. It fits my hand nicely, the recoil is manageable (better than the one I tested a few weeks back, actually) and the bullets go where I tell them to go. Now I just need to perfect my technique of telling them where to go.

Before I leave: This is Oleg's current configuration, with Pearce Grip extensions and a just-arrived-today Crimson Trace handguard. Badass, no?

Okay, yes, the laser is a luxury. It's also really useful in fast target acquisition, which is important in self-defense scenarios, so I felt the expense was justified.

The next thing for me to do is attend the mandated Concealed Carry course, and then it's just a matter of paperwork standing between me and full-time defensive carry.

Again, thank you all SO MUCH for helping me achieve this. 


  1. Oh, it was! And I have all this ammo just aching to be used...  ;)

  2.  Looks like a well thought out kit. You can get much out of dry fire and presentation practice at home.

  3. Another reason I got the Crimson Trace grips.

  4. Good hit with Samizdata on Tam's.

  5. Nice!   Dry fire practice can help too.
    Just remember to be damn sure the weapon is unloaded, and make sure you have a safe direction to point it at.

    Also keep your grip strong as without the recoil there's the tendency to loosen up.

  6. That'll do, little pony, that'll do.  The G26 is a fine, fine CCW pistol, but I suspect that you will soon feel the call of a .22 target pistol (I recommend the Browning Buckmark).  A nice, used K-frame S&W is a soft-shooting plinker that pays dividends, too.  You can always try your hand at 3-gun competition, which will require a shotgun and a centerfire semiautomatic rifle.

    You've got the bug, Erin.  Resistance is futile.  ;)

  7. A mild case of OCD is quite helpful when dealing with the firearms and the First Rule. 

  8. i always thought the lines of the baby Glocks were nice, but the Pearce grip extention makes them more graceful by far, and they handle much better, as you see. almost PPK-esque.

  9. While I do like the Pearce extensions, I shaved mine down so as to not make them as long for the 26 magazine.  Then again, I have shot with just the flat floorplate, pinky curling underneath, and it works.  My 26L makes my custom extension just handy enough but not so long it sticks past the handle.  I'll have to send a picture sometime.

  10.  Put simply, Crimson Trace grips are awesome, and are well worth the expense.  They simplify targeting, allow you to practice at home with immediate feedback, and are intuitively simple to use.  The only reasons I do not have one of my own is they do not make them for most of my handguns, and the one they do, well, I want something more than just basic black rubber on them (I have already talked with Iain about this, and they promise they are working on it ;) ).  And, no, that may not be perfect shooting, but it will get the job done :).  Good job.  

  11. Frikken sweet !!!

    i carry one of those on my ankle everyday :-)


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