Monday, March 19, 2012

Call for Players: Unknown Ponies one-shot adventure

This coming Sunday, March 25, I will be running a game of Unknown Ponies for approximately 3-6 players. The game will run from approximately 8pm - midnight Eastern time. If you are interested in playing, please contact me to reserve a spot and, if necessary, help you with character creation.

All of my Unknown Ponies resources may be found here.


  1. I gave you an add on Skype (DJ Shamrock) and would love to get involved with this! It's my spring break so I have loads of free time on my hands to get a physical charsheet knocked out, etc. My email is Look forward to talking with ya!

  2. Can't say I have the time to play, but I'd love to hear how it goes!  Be sure to share all the wonderful adventure details!

    I think D&D/PF can still be good systems for MLP games.  Just need to put together good pony options in the forms of feats, traits, etc.

  3. I'm certain D&D/Pathfinder would work mechanically. My main concern is how well it would work thematically and atmospherically, which is why I personally chose the faster and looser Unknown Armies.

    As long as players have fun, it's all good. *brohoof*

  4. Not sure I'd have the time either. Especially on Sundays, damn work. Does sound fun.
    Haven't done an RP in years.

  5.  *brohoof*

    Indeed.  I suspect one could write pages and pages (like you have) about the subject and the various aspects of pony roleplaying.

    I'm going to have to review these Unknown Armies/Ponies rules in greater detail.  I'm pretty impressed with what you've put together and would love to help out.

  6. I am available and interested. How do you play? Via skype, text chat?

  7. I also sent a skype request/ message as to possibly get in the campaign, if thats ok.

  8. It's probably too late to reserve a spot, but can't hurt to try! :)

  9. Oh, so was I supposed to contact you on Skype or summat? Blast. Well, make sure the campaign journal's a fun read! ;D

  10. Do you still have room for a player character? =D

  11. Man, I'm tempted to attempt to sign up for this... but roleplaying with complete strangers? Plus, I'm relatively inexperienced in the whole RPG scene, AND I live in Norway...

    I think I'll check out the resources provided, and then think further about the possibility of signing up.

  12. Due to the massive interest shown in this project, I have posted guidelines for "What to do if you're interested in playing." Go here to see them. 



    Alas, my family doesn't know I'm a fan of the show, and I get no privacy from them to do skype calls that don't include the occasional random family member yelling in the background, so there is no way I could actually join this...

    Still...Would love to do something like this in the future...So much...

    SO MUCH! T_T

    At any rate, everyone else: best of luck joining, hope you have an awesome time! Sorry if this message is stretched out too much...

  14. Do you have a smartphone? I believe Skype works on all of them now. That might be a solution.

  15. I dun have a smart phone, I have a very busted up half the buttons don't work screen doesn't light up Nokia that I bought over three years ago...Apparently though my mom's birthday party is this sunday though so Imma be busy anyway. Still wanna hear all about the awesomeness of the game once it's all over, and maybe I can join one in the future...


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