Thursday, March 22, 2012

Unknown Ponies: Second Update

Just to keep you guys in the loop, there has been huge interest in this game and I have been deluged with emails. If I haven't replied to you, I apologize. Your email probably got read, tossed into the "reply when I have a moment" pile, and then forgotten. If you're waiting to hear back from me, it would be best if you sent me another mail to remind me. :)

As of this moment, I have 9 character sheets sitting in my email. Please recall that I said I won't run more than 6 players at a time. If you end up not getting picked to play, you have my sincere apologies and a promise that you'll get to play next time.

If you haven't sent in your character sheet yet -- well, there's nothing stopping you, but please realize that there are no guaranteed spots.

I have received the following characters:
  1. Jack's Knight (Bobby Fisher)
  2. Sproutling (Kosetsu)
  3. Blackfire (Chase Gross)
  4. Dusk Breeze (Ken Peterson)
  5. Meridian Vervain (Roscoe Bower)
  6. Chronicle (Dan Lewis)
  7. Wild Mane (Alex Horton)
  8. Nightsky Star (Adam Dickstein)
  9. Scarlet Shimmer (Jennifer Paradis)
If you've sent in a character NOT listed here, then please re-send it because your email may have gotten eaten by a spam filter or something.

The game will start when I have 6 players. No, I am not reserving spots for even my long-time players. I said first come, first served, and I meant it. 

Finally, it would be a HUGE help to me if you guys would take your pony pictures and make them your Skype avatar for the day. It will help with characterization during the game. Also, I suck at remembering names.



  1. First 6, WHOO! :pinkie'sfirstrainbowface:

  2. Will have mine sent off tomorrow! Been at work all day so haven't had a chance to scan it in yet x.x

  3. Kosetsu here, saying: "Fun times all around!" =D  Thanks for putting up with our antics, and most of all for coming up with Unknown Ponies to begin with!


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