Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Calling all Texans, Okies and other gunnies

Any Texas CCW holders out there?

How about gun store owners or trainers?

I know a young mother who needs a carry pistol and training to defend herself and her child from violence, but cannot afford either. In her own words:
I work in downtown Houston where there's a large homeless population. Some of these people are crazy, some are people who just got out of Houston county jail (they're dropped off at the greyhound two blocks from our store) and I get into work sometimes at 4:45, or leave at 7pm. Both times have me coming and going when there's no one around. I get SO paranoid about someone trying to attack me, and I'd feel better carrying a gun.

Also, we have issues with my "sperm donor", whom I'm thinking may get stupid one day and show up and try to take E. If he does...

My husband met me when I was 4 months pregnant, and we've been together ever since. My "sperm donor" is an asshole who only contacts me when he's pissed or off his meds. When he's off his meds he's really aggressive and, well, an asshole. Again, another reason to keep a gun.

Money is really tight right now, so getting a gun soon (within 90 days) won't happen, but I'll live. I have a "war club" that I keep, and I have people walk me to and from my car/garage.
I realize I may be pushing my luck in asking for donations not three months after you folks helped me buy my pistol, but this is a really good cause. If anything, she needs a CCW more than I do.

I plan to run a fundraiser to help her buy a pistol (unless someone wants to step forward and donate, which while highly unlikely would be amazingly awesome) but right now I'd like to find out if there's anyone in the area who is willing to donate time and energy to help her through the paperwork of CCW, find out which gun is right for her, and offer her training for free or at a reduced rate.

I'd appreciate it if folks linked to this on their blogs in order to get maximum coverage. Wouldn't it be great if we could get her carrying by the end of summer?

Either leave comments here or email me at erin dot palette at gmail dot com.

UPDATE: More information, as well as a donation address, may be found here


  1. First thoughts are that she may be able to apply for an indigent permit.  The State of Texas has an allowance for that and if she qualifies, it could be half the price.  I haven't researched it too deeply, I just know it exists.  From my cursory investigation, here is a link to the state site:  

    It is half price ($70 for a 5 year license and $35 for a renewal) and teh link to see if she qualifies is on the document.

    Secondly, I'd love to help out if possible.  I'm in a rush right now, but put me down as a potential donor for a few buckaroos.

  2. I can re-post this if that will help in any way?

  3. Oh gods yes. Please do. You don't even have to ask.

  4. Done. On my blog, and my FB page. Wish I was closer to her, I'd take her to the range to try out a few guns.

  5. I've boosted the signal and diverted the nav sats to the transmitter.  Hopefully some Texan gunnie will stop and see it.

    Count me in when the funding gets started.  This is how we win, we empower, we help someone learn the skills to protect themselves and their loved ones.
    In the end, it's simply the right thing.    Good job carrying it forward, Erin.

  6. Awesome!

    And yeah, she needs exposure and training before she buys, which is why I really want someone on-site to help her out.

  7. Please post a link to  send donations and I will post a link to this post on my blog, hopefully all 7 readers of my blog will help

  8. Linked and in for a contribution when it develops...thanks, Erin!

  9. I'm glad you're doing this.  I'll watch for fundraiser info as it's posted.

    One note of caution for the lady who sent the message:  carrying clubs is illegal in Texas.  A knife is probably the best bet for non-licensed carry in state.  More info here:  


  10. Erin,

    Please have the lady contact me (3Boxesofbs_AT_gmail_DOT_com) if she and her family would like to attend our September Blog Shoot.

    Houston isn't that far of a drive from Dallas-- about 4 hours, not bad for Texas. She won't receive much training but I can guarantee she will find a wide variety of pistols to shoot..

  11. The club is an at-home weapon rather than carried.

    Ideally, I'd like to buy her a shotgun for home defense. 

  12. I've made sure she's seen your comment. Thank for the kind offer!

  13.  See new post:  http://lurkingrhythmically.blogspot.com/2012/07/independence-from-fear-day.html

  14.   See new post:  http://lurkingrhythmically.blogspot.com/2012/07/independence-from-fear-day.html

  15.   See new post:  http://lurkingrhythmically.blogspot.com/2012/07/independence-from-fear-day.html

  16. I will cross post this story for you.

  17. howd this go? its been awhile


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