Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I am now a product reviewer

Thanks to the kind efforts of Linoge over at Walls of the City and his relationship with Crimson Trace, I was able to score a laser grip for my mother's Ruger LCR for test & evaluation (T&E).

What will set this review apart from other reviews is that I will not be testing the product. In fact, the only thing I will be doing in any official capacity is writing about it. No, the actual testing and evaluating and opining on it will be done by my 73-year-old mother.

Now, mom has fired a gun before, but she is very much a novice at it -- as an example, she never heard the term "iron sights" before and didn't know what it meant -- and so therefore her use of this product will be the ultimate test of "Is it user-friendly? Are the directions clear? Is this product, in fact, so easy that a grandmother can install and use it?"

Part 1 will cover the unboxing and installation, and will appear later this week.
Part 2 will cover her actually using it at the range, and will occur whenever I can take her shooting.

Stay tuned!

Obligatory FTC disclaimer: I was given this product for free and without monetary compensation. I am neither required to return it, nor was I instructed to give a good review in exchange for this item. I have no personal affiliation with the manufacturer, and my professional relationship is purely that of a reviewer and as a customer. 


  1. Wow.  Now that's how you do a unique review.

    And your right, it is a great test on how user friendly it is.   Good luck and good job!

    If you weren't already thinking of it, maybe have some before and after  targets.   Compare your mother's groupings without the laser and then with.  Thought that may double the trips to the range.

  2. Mom's already shot her LCR sans laser at the range.

    She won't let me show you her target. Yes, it's that bad.

  3. Tell her not to feel bad.

    Small frame, short barrel revolvers are known for being very hard to shoot well.

    But, if she shows an improvement. Please post it.


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