Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Monday Gunday: Update on Young Texas Mama

So, an update on Young Texas Mama:

First of all, she would like to thank everyone who has donated her to Gun Fund, and offer "Super huge awesome cyber hugs to everyone who donated. They have my eternal gratitude, and I'd love to buy them all a beer someday." As of last count, she has $160 in donations.

She has yet to go shooting with Lori, because she recently injured her knee quite severely:
I fell down the stairs in May and tore all the ligaments on the left side of my right knee, and then fell again 6 weeks later. It's been swollen and nasty since.

Originally the injury was so bad I was in a knee immobilizer for 6 weeks. The doctor gave me a brace and said it would heal over time, just to wear the brace . The second fall caused the real problems. I saw the doctor again, got a new brace and was to come back in 2 weeks. 2 weeks later it was clear that I might have cartilage damage, so I got scheduled for an MRI. It said that the second fall caused me to re-tear some of the healed ligaments & my ACL.

The knee is crap. I go today to see about my options for surgery. It's getting to the point that every day life is painful.
So obviously, shooting is on the back burner until her knee is fixed, because she doesn't want to aggravate the injury with recoil. This bums her out, but having a working body is more important.

The good news in all of this is that the Sperm Donor -- who was one of her principal fears -- has said he will sign away parental rights. This is excellent news, because not only can YTM's daughter be adopted by her husband, but this also means she can file a restraining order if she feels it necessary. This was not done previously because, as it was explained to me, filing an RO could be seen as interference with parental rights, and be the source of legal unpleasantness.

So to conclude:
  • She feels welcomed into the gunnie community, and still wants to carry a pistol;
  • Surgery will need to come first, but
  • Things aren't as bad as they used to be, so the delay isn't as worrisome as it could be. 
I will continue to keep everyone updated on her status, and if you wish to donate to her Gun Fund, she will of course be very grateful. 


  1. Well, that is some good news. Hopefully her knee will heal quickly.

  2. Sorry to hear about the knee.  And that's good about the RO.  Though those really serve better as a stepping stone in establishing a paper trail with law enforcement.

  3. Oh, she knows. I've told her as much, many times, Twilight Sparkle-style. :)


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