Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday Morning Ponies

Fresh from San Diego Comic Com come two videos from season 3 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

I've mentioned before that it seems like The Hub had my games of Unknown Ponies bugged, because it seemed like elements of them -- Derpy flying backwards, the Timber Wolves, etc -- kept cropping up throughout season 2. But this video has convinced me that a writer from the show really IS reading my blog, because it might as well be the theme song for Failure is Awesome.

Please note the mathpony cameo around the 0:50 mark. I believe The Jack has found his pony avatar...

I call upon the... wait. Crystal ponies? Man, this throws everything off!

The thing is, they don't look like they're crystalline -- of course, we're only going by book illustrations and not an actual picture of one from the show. But it seems more like they're earth ponies with crystal architecture/technology than anything else.

Dang it, I still want sea ponies!

That'll do, sea pony. That'll do.


  1. Yeah.... that'll be the theme.  Makes me wonder if they will do Octavia like the fanvid voice actor.

    But he's got no beard!   *grumbles*

    Can't get a clear look at the cutie mark, seems to be some type of molecule. 

    The various notes and blueprints on the chalkboard are interesting (if not entirely right).  And he does rock that sweater and tie.

    As for the crystal ponies.  They kind of look pastelish,  especially if those tiny sheep are any guide.

  2. Maybe Crystal Ponies are like the Ghouls from Fritz Lieber's Fafrd & Grey Mouser novels.

    Yeah, probably not...


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