Wednesday, July 18, 2012

WNW: Fluttergun

Behold the AAC Honey Badger Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) in tactical Fluttershy camo.

This is just simply full of passive-aggressive carnage.

Sadly, it isn't a real gun, but it should be. The skin was designed by TheBadPanda2, the same artist who made the Rainbow Dash AA-12.

I've all but begged him to make a Pinke Pie version of the Kriss Vector. This is close but it's not quite the same.

However, this is a real thing and is incredibly awesome.

Military ‘bronies’ love their rifles and their My Little Pony


From one of the many awesome comments:

I’d MUCH rather have a brony watching my six than someone who was self-absorbed and thinking of little more than his image. Someone saying openly “I like this show” has conquered a fear of rejection and has faced down a few inner demons. Someone criticizing that person lacks courage, is pretty much guaranteed to have medical-grade skeletons in his closet, and is therefore a prime candidate for desertion under fire or is blackmail fodder.

No question about it, a brony in uniform is a far greater asset to this country and will do greater things than a poseur.

Also, this happened at BroNYCon 2012:

"Semper Filly." Have I mentioned how much I love this fandom?


  1. Apparently some people are causing issues about it since it's not an authorized part of the uniform. 

  2. It's not cool to be out of uniform, true. I have heard, though, that some units are cool with "morale patches". So basically it comes down to whatever the CO says.

  3. FWIW, either of those is a simple matter of time, patience, and DuraCoat.

  4. Wow.

    Anyone who can look you in the eye and say "Semper filly" is a total badass, and will kill you in your sleep.  I want our milirary full of these folks.

  5. Amd can I just say that we bombed the @#$% out of Germany and Japan with bombers that had much worse painted on the planes?

  6. Yes, but morale patches are an Air Force thing, not a military thing...  ;)

  7. Huh. I did not know that.

    TIL that the Air Force is brony-friendly. :)

  8. My goal, when I have enough money to afford another AR, would be to build a retro M16A1 clone, and paint it in Princess Luna colors.  Plastic parts are gonna be light purple, while the metal parts are gonna be navy blue.  The cutie mark's gonna be on the receiver, and I'm gonna print out this image ( and put it on the stock, while the phrase "all shall love me and despair" goes on the flat triangle hand guards.  Now I just need more moneys :(

  9. That's just so amazingly incredibly awesome I don't know what to do with myself!  Especially since I am a HUGE Princess Luna fan. :)

    If you do get it made, send me pics and I will pimp the heck out of it!


    Apocalypse Ponies! Saw this and thought of you.For added fun...

  11. While I definitely will send you pics, you may be waiting for a while, being a prospective law student is killing all my time and money!  There is no IF though, it WILL be done.  I've been planning this for almost 6 months now, this idea will never die.  My original idea was to make a Derpy AR-15, with HERP DERP on the hand guards, but I decided I didn't like the connotations it would bring :P   


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