Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Having headaches for three days straight is no fun at all. Even if they're low-level, "1 on the pain scale" affairs, having them for six to eight hours wears me down and makes me miserable.

It's the difference between being punched in the face (where it hurts like a motherfucker immediately, but eventually goes away) and a twinging tooth that just keeps going and going 24/7.

I'll be so happy when the weather finishes transitioning to fall and hurricane season finally comes to a close.

Until then... anyone want to write some guest articles for me?


  1. Whaddaya want me to whinge about in your space? :)

  2. My knee, now is my own personal barometer. The last two days have been killer, and I spent some of it out in the field, which literally, is NEVER level.

    I'd take ZerCool up on the offer. 

    Hope you feel better soon, my dear.

  3. I've got a post I'm gonna write on what happens if your shooting a muzzle loader and it won't fire.

    What to do,  how to clear it, safety tips.  I had a fuse die on my handgonne, *in* the handgonne.

  4. I sent you something. It came from  my Hotmail with a MS Word Attach and a pic attachment, so make sure to check your spam folder if you don't see it. It's from reedrob1 at hotmail dot com

    Rob (Trebor)

  5. Something about building an AR, perhaps?  It's something I'm trying to do and you have experience with. 

  6. It's in my inbox!  I'll keep it for a day when I feel like absolute crap. :D

  7. I'll see what I can bash out. :)

  8. I love your face. (This is an honest, legitamite and well meaning complement in my chunk of the crew chief community)

    Hope you feel better.


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