Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday Night WTF


the fuck

is wrong with these people?



  1. OK.  I knew I shouldn't have watched them, but I did.  My eyes and brain can not distinguish between flashing pixels on the screen and what it would be like if it were me actually hanging off the scaffolding. I still feel queasy.   Thanks a lot!  uuurrpp.... 

  2. Now that was a whole lota stupid all rolled into a package....

  3. Parkour always seemed like something fun to try... in a well-padded, well-lit, well-maintained arena with EMTs standing by...  On the other hand, these guys are awesome:  

  4. They be crazy, really. But this makes me wonder, are you acrophobic?

  5. I'm not afraid of heights. I'm afraid of FALLING TO MY DEATH. 

    I think that's a perfectly rational fear. 

  6. geez. geez. geez.

  7. Likewise -- I have no fear of heights, per se, but a huge fear of falling.

  8. I had an "O" face watching the first video.


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