Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pony Genetics Explained!

Someone pointed me to this and I just had to share it, because not only is it about My Little Pony, but it is also a geeky treatise on a geeky subject. 

Or, as Princess Luna would say...


(To properly view the picture:  Right click on image; select "Open link in new tab"; click to embiggen.)

If I can find out who made this, I will ask their permission if I can include it in Unknown Ponies.  


  1. My geekery is pleased with this dissertation. I wholeheartedly support including it, if proper attribution can be made and permissions obtained. Also, I now have to watch A Canterlot Wedding again. Y'know. Because.

  2. Evyl and I did punnett squares when we found out we were pregnant.  Funny enough, there was only a 25% chance he's be brown-eyed or brown-haired. He wound up both. My mother is a blue-eyed blond, her mother was red, therefore my recessives...

  3. Love it!

    Though my one quibble is that everyone seemed shocked that the Cakes had a unicorn and a pegasus.   

    Given this system, I'd wonder how uncommon such a situation would really be. 

    Hmm...  math or candy.  Tough call.


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