Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Costumes

Since I am involved with my church's youth group this year, I will probably be asked to help run this weekend's Trunk or Treat event.  On the one hand, going from car to car instead of house to house is an abomination in my eyes, as I am a Halloween purist; on the other hand, any excuse to dress up is always welcome, especially in front of kids who may not have seen my awesome costumes.

But I'm torn as to what to wear. On the one hand, I have my awesome Ren Faire costume which I haven't worn in years... but if this weekend ends up being hot and humid like most days in Florida, I will sweat my ass off.  On the other hand, I could dress up in my head-to-toe camouflage outfit, which is lightweight and breathes easily, and say I'm going as a shrubbery -- but that seems rather lame.

What I'd really like to do is go as a Time Lady who, under the effects of a chameleon arch, decides to work as a delivery girl in Canada and ends up getting bitten by a Transylvanian vampire with a fondness for 1970s punk rock.

Yes, I'd like to dress up as a Romanian Ramones Romana/Ramona.



  1. Well, whatever you choose I am sure it will rock. You are very creative!

  2. I got whiplash from that pun at the end.


  3. I was trying to imagine that last one and I sprained my imagination muscle. Owie.

    Since I can never top the time myself and roughly 11 friends went to a comic book convention Halloween costume contest as the entire Justice League of America, I usually don't even try anymore. Still, I do love the holiday.

    Have a Happy Taking-A-Church-Youth-Group-Around-To-Celebrate-A-Pagan-Holiday Day!  

  4. For the entire time I was of the trick-or-treating age, everyone's halloween costume was "an inuit", even the inuit kids, because in Canada back then, winter started somewhere around October 15th, and it ALWAYS snowed one or two days before Halloween, so everyone wore parkas over their actual costume, and the candy dispensers made polite comments anyway... which I guess is par for the course in Canada.

  5. A shrubbery?

    That would be OK just as long as no one tries to chop you down with a herring.

  6. Dude, it would be awesome if I could someone in medieval garb to chase me with a rubber fish. I might just try that some time. 

  7. LOL, decisions, decisions... At least you can haz them! Looking forward to the AAR pics!

  8. I was originally going to go as a zombie apocalypse survivor, but I got lazy. I just opened up my closet and pulled out a green shirt, white shorts and a cowboy hat.  DONE.



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