Monday, March 4, 2013

A quick Monday Gunday thought

I just don't understand people who feel the need to wear seatbelts or motorcycle helmets. It must be an awful existence, constantly being afraid for your life when you go out on the road. What do you have to be afraid of? Why are you so paranoid?

We have posted speed limit signs for a reason. They are there so that people won't drive too fast and get into accidents, but paranoiacs like you see danger everywhere, even where there isn't any, and want everyone else to be as afraid as you are so that you can push your agenda. Besides,  if anything does go wrong, you can always call 911 for a rescue. 

What are you, a NASCAR wannabe? Do you drive fast because you have a small penis?  Do the seatbelts make you feel like a professional driver? I bet you're just looking for a reason to drive recklessly and get into a crash, and then you can say you were justified in your fear. If you're that worried about getting into a crash, maybe you should move to a neighborhood where people drive slower. 

Seriously, go get therapy before it's too late. Only professional race car drivers and rescue personnel need safety gear like this. They're trained to drive fast, you aren't.

TL;DR for the sarcasm impaired: Trusting gun free zones to keep you safe from criminals is like trusting traffic laws to protect you from accidents. But you don't, do you?  You drive defensively and use proper safety gear, because you realize that keeping yourself safe is primarily your responsibility.


  1. I do wear a seatbelt, but I'm also a pilot and understand that I need to stay in the driver's seat in unexpected situations.

    I made on 400 mile round trip on the interstate without a helmet.  I took a month to get the tangels out of my hair.

  2. Lazy Bike CommuterMarch 4, 2013 at 8:22 PM

    I wrote something similar, but less well-crafted once, though I used fire extinguishers instead of seatbelts.

  3. I think someone should demand to know why they have a cell phone.  They're so paranoid they have to have a device that can dial 911 on them at all times.

    Probably because of their small genitalia.

  4. Shared of FB!

  5. I wear the seatbelt, and in the plane the shoulder harnass, even if I'm not flipper up upside down for fun.  I carry as well, I'm not paranoid, I've simply seen WAY too much of what happens to the naive.

  6. I wear a motorcycle helmet because I can not geg the hair untangled. For 10 years I rode without a helmet wherever I could and bitched about how I was going to shave my head when I looked in the mirror. Even with my hair pulled back and worn in a long braid, I had knots in my hair. Until one women rode with us and wore a helmet. We stopped for a break and when she pulled off her helmet, her hair was fine. That was enough for me. Now I ride with a helmet and no tangles. I don't care what everyone says about the old broad wearing the helmet. I also carry on my bike, just in case I need it.


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