Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Traveller Tuesday: Murderhobo Special

This is the ship that the PCs in my Traveller game currently have (assuming they don't wreck it with atrocious piloting, that is). It's actually named "Pride of Walston" due to the fact that they were given this ship in recognition for acts of heroism on the planet of the same name by the Scout Service (okay, technically it is a prototype lent to the ex-Scout as a Detached Duty loan with the understanding that typical player character hijinks will serve as an excellent test of its abilities and durability), but I like calling it the Murderhobo Special  because that makes me giggle.

Original art and concept by Brook West; I colored and modified this.

Mongoose Traveller stats for Pride of Walston. As this is an experimental ship, I used High Guard "advanced technology" rules to squeeze more room and better performance from the design. For referees who would like a bog-standard TL-12 version, I have stats for that, too.

Stats for "Mighty Midge", the 4-person ship in the cargo bay. Not sure what you'd call a 10-ton small craft that isn't a fighter. A gig, perhaps?

The Modular Scout is an original design of Brook West, and may be found here.


  1. It's very nice, but did they fix the life support system from the Type S? Does it have that "scout ship odor"?

  2. Pinnace, cutter or launch. Gig just sounds silly :)

  3. According to Traveller:
    * a pinnace is 40 displacement tons;
    * a cutter is 50 dtons;
    * a launch is 20 dtons.

  4. Not sure about the TL12 version, but the TL15 sure does. I specifically mentioned last game session how, after two jumps, the ship still didn't smell of old gym socks.

  5. Dinghy (still better than gig)? Although honestly putting exact displacement weights on ships named after their construction style is silly...
    Meh, whatever.

  6. My laugh is a nervous one!

    Yeah... that's a pretty big assumption there Erin. ^^;

    I mean what are the odds? (Turns out 2.7%)

  7. And we have a still!

    I still need to perfect my recipe for "Brain Bleach."

  8. However, it remains to be seen if you or the gas giant *keeps* said still.

  9. Oh, we're getting out of the gas giant, even if I have to strap our barrel's worth of revolvers to the hull and fire them simultaneously to generate thrust.

  10. (and I fail at comments)

    Oh, we're getting out of the gas giant, even if I have to strap our barrel's worth of revolvers to the hull and fire them simultaneously to generate thrust.

  11. It's a rowboat-o-war, isn't it?

  12. That makes a distressing amount of sense. Especially since the PCs are talking about buying a support weapon/light artillery with the barrel sticking out of the airlock.

  13. Lifeboat springs to mind, but i think Tender would be about right.

    'used to transport people and supplies to and from a large ship'

  14. If they can't pull their crippled ship out of its terminal dive into a gas giant, it's going to BE a lifeboat.

  15. Murderhobo.

    Makes me giggle every time.


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